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Spring Flowers in Season

By :Mark Ajello 0 comments
Spring Flowers in Season

We are so happy Spring is here showering us in beautiful blooms in an array of pretty, bright colours. We love this time of year with all our favourite flowers are out so we can make gorgeous arrangements. We have listed our favourite Spring flowers in season now below.


Daffodils are the sweetest with their golden yellow petals. Cheerful bright yellow and orange colours. A symbol of positivity. As a spring flower and the first to bloom, daffodils are symbols of rebirth and hope. They are a happy flower that signifies joy, and an appreciation for being alive. They imply new life and resilience as they are strong little survivors who have weathered the winter storms. Daffodils are also the birth month flower of March. Pick yourself a bunch of daffodils from our market bunches in store. Vase life is typically 5 days; change water daily and keep out of direct sun.


Elegant and tall, the cheer and charm of a storybook cottage garden. Delphinium is a symbol of positivity and openness to new experiences. In addition, they show cheerfulness and goodwill. They’re a great flower to send as a form of encouragement to someone who is down on their luck. If you know someone who needs a little cheering up, send them flowers and make sure to include delphinium! Interesting fact colours of Delphiniums are also used as a dye to colour clothes and other items. Vase life is typically 5-7 days; change water daily and keep out of direct sun. 


Stocks have the most beautiful aroma and they look so pretty. They come in different shades of pink, white, purple and peach. The blooms create clusters of round paired flowers, that form at the top of each stem. This bloom will add romance and elegance to any bouquet or arrangement! Vase life is typically 5-7 days; change water daily and keep out of direct sun. 


Tulips represent the arrival of Spring with their grace and elegance. Did you know? Tulips used to be the most expensive flower. The time period that tulips were valuable was called, “Tulip Mania”. Generally, tulips symbolize love in general, but there is a different meaning based on the colour tulip in question. For love and romance, red tulips are the way to go. If you want to convey an apology, the best way to say, “I’m Sorry”, is with white tulips. Purple tulips are associated with royalty, while yellow tulips are great for cheer and happiness. Did you know that tulips follow the sun even when in a vase? That’s why you need to move them around your home during different times of the day 

Tulips continue to grow after they’ve been cut. 


Who doesn’t love poppies. They are so soft and elegant with ruffled edges and a sweet centre.  

The flower colour of poppy species include: white, lilac, pink, yellow, orange, red, violet and blue. The Poppy is a symbol of: a lively imagination, beauty, success, extravagance and luxury. Consolation for a loss or death in the family and resurrection and eternal life.  

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