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How to Keep Flowers in an Arrangement Fresh

By :Mark Ajello 0 comments
How to Keep Flowers in an Arrangement Fresh

Flower Care Tips – From Your Local Florist

So, you have just received a bright, blossoming flower arrangement from a friend, family member, co-worker, or the love of your life. You want to preserve your lovely sentimental gift for as long as possible, but how? The key is in the freshness of the flowers, and it all starts with where you buy your flowers from! Buying fresh blooms from a florist instead of a supermarket will ensure you get the longest-lasting flowers.

Our expert advice on how to keep your fresh flowers looking beautiful for longer with our simple flower care tips:


Use room temperature water.

Did you know that flowers can be quite sensitive to temperature? If you expose them to cold temperatures, it can actually damage the cells in their stems, which can make it harder for them to take in water and nutrients. However, there are some flowers, like tulips, that actually benefit from being placed in cold water. This can help to slow down their growth and keep them looking fresh for longer.

If you are unsure about what your flowers need, it’s generally a good idea to stick with room temperature water. This will help to prevent damage to the stems and ensure that the flowers can drink up the water they need to stay healthy and vibrant.

Avoid getting water on flower petals; use a water spout.

If you just want to top up your flower water, use a water can with a spout if possible to avoid pouring water onto your rose petals. Roses don’t like water on their petals. Pour in between the blooms.

Don’t overfill your container!

When it comes to arranging flowers, be careful not to overfill the vase. If you do, you could run into several problems like stem rot and a crowded arrangement preventing your flowers from blooming.

To ensure you don’t overfill your vase, fill your arrangement whilst keeping one of your fingers in the back to access where the water level has reached. You don’t need to fill the water to the rim. Halfway is fine.

Keep in mind how much water your flower variety needs.

Some flowers require more water than others. For example, native flowers may require more refilling throughout the day as they have a high daily intake of water.

Keep flowers in a cool area protected from wind.

Flowers love water because they are constantly drying out. This is why it is important to place your flowers in a cool location, away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Don’t go cranking the air conditioner, though! It will reduce the lifespan of fresh-cut flowers by drying out the air even further. Simply place your flowers away from open windows or areas with nearby appliances, as a light breeze will dry out flowers and cause them to wilt. Here in Perth, we have a strong afternoon wind that we call the Fremantle doctor. It is certainly not a flower doctor.

Use flower food to keep nutrients flowing up to the petals.

Flower food or plant food can be used for an extra boost in nutrients to keep the flowers fresh. Please keep in mind, one flower food sachet can last a whole week with a few sprinkles used each time you change your water.

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