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How to Choose the Perfect Colour Bouquet for Any Occasion

By :Mark Ajello 0 comments
How to Choose the Perfect Colour Bouquet for Any Occasion

As passionate florists, we truly believe flowers to be the best way to bring a little bit of nature and beauty into our lives, be it into our living room or to make any occasion more special and memorable. So as a little gift from us to you, we want to give you the inside scoop on the art of floral design and how to always choose the perfect bouquet for any occasion.

We’ll cover:

The Intricacies of Floristry: Its More Than Just Picking Flowers.

Floral design is an artistic practice, so the proper use of colours is vital to create a stunning display. There are many reasons to pay special attention to the combination of colours in your bouquet. Colours often carry meaning.

  • Red is said to symbolise passion and love.
  • Yellow connotes happiness and optimism.
  • White is associated with purity or simplicity.

Colours also carry the general emotion of a bouquet, and influence whether the piece is more subtle or draws the attention of everyone in the room.

The Importance of Contrasting Colours in Flower Arrangements

To create an eye-catching flower arrangement, it is essential to understand the science and psychology behind colour contrast. Complementary colours are contrasting colours that sit opposite each other on the colour wheel. Looking to make a statement? Combining these colours creates a striking effect that is sure to capture everyone’s attention.

Some examples of complementary colours include the striking combination of red and green, blue, or the bold combination of orange, and yellow and purple.

Pairing warm colours like red and orange with cool colours like blue and green can create a dramatic and dynamic bouquet that is appealing and harmonious. These combinations tend to look cheerful and lively, making them very popular in the warm summers we have here in Perth.

Choosing the Right Colours for Your Bouquet

When selecting colours for a bouquet, it is important to consider the occasion, the recipient, and the style of the arrangement. For a romantic bouquet, soft pastel colours like pink, lavender, and cream can create a delicate look and be combined with soft yellow and greens for an interesting and flowing appearance. For a bold and modern bouquet, bright colours like fuchsia, tangerine, and yellow can make a statement and be balanced with some accent blue or purple.

To help you choose the right flowers for your colour palette, here are some popular flower options for each colour:

Pink Flowers:

  • Non-native: Roses, peonies, carnations
  • Native: Pink Everlasting

Purple Flowers:

  • Non-native: Irises, lilacs, hyacinths
  • Native: Purple Flag

Yellow Flowers:

  • Non-native: Daisies, sunflowers, roses
  • Native: Golden Wattle

Orange Flowers:

  • Non-native: Tulips, marigolds, ranunculus
  • Native: Orange Banksia

    Red Flowers:

    • Non-native: Roses, poppies, carnations
    • Native: Red and Green Kangaroo Paw

    White Flowers:

    • Non-native: Lilies, daisies, roses
    • Native: Flannel Flower

    Green Flowers:

    • Non-Native: Succulents, ferns, eucalyptus
    • Native: Green bird flower

    Combining Colours and Textures for Maximum Impact

    Here’s the real secret to creating a bouquet that really pops combining colours and textures. When combining different flower colours and textures, it is important to consider how they will interact with each other. Textures can add depth and dimension to a bouquet, making it more interesting. Combining soft, delicate flowers like Sweet Peas or Australian Buttercup with bold, spiky flowers like the Banksia or Proteas flowers can create a beautiful contrast that draws the eye. Don’t be afraid to mix and match!


    Avoiding Common Colour Mistakes in Flower Arrangements

    Read the room: Don’t forget to match to your environment.

    One common mistake that people make when choosing colours for their bouquets is not considering the colours of the environment where the flowers will be displayed. For example, if the room is painted a bright colour, using a bouquet containing only one colour may not create the visual impact you desire.

    Get Personal: Remember to think about who the flowers are for.

    Another mistake you want to avoid is not considering your recipient’s personality and preferences. It can be tempting just to choose our own favourite flower bouquet and hope the person we want to gift the flowers to has similar taste. But it can pay off to dig a little deeper. Do they love colourful clothes and dramatic accessories? They probably love a bold bouquet full of bright flowers.

    Avoid cultural missteps: Flowers have different meanings around the world.

    Making a cultural or symbolic misstep should be avoided at all costs! Consider the meanings associated with different colours and flowers. For example: In many Western cultures, white flowers symbolise purity and innocence, making them a popular choice for occasions such as weddings. However, in Chinese culture, white is traditionally associated with death and mourning.

    At Perth’s A Mano Florals, we’re passionate about creating beautiful and unique bouquets that capture our clients’ personalities and tastes. So, if you’re ready to create a dynamic bouquet that will make a lasting impression, contact us today!


    Let’s make some flower magic happen!

    Want to learn more about floristry? Check out our blog post on caring for flower arrangements.

    If If you have any further questions, please feel free to pop in-store and have a chat in person with one of our friendly team members

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